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Back at it again with the white jokes

Back at it again with the white jokesWell, weeb jokes. New video up now! This was supposed to be finished for Halloween, but life's a bitch and we didn't feel like rushing this one out. So without further ado: Boku no [more]

Oh shit Sims 4 is BACK!

Oh shit Sims 4 is BACK! Check out the newest episode [more]

Even more new music!

Even more new music! And a new logo thingy to boot~ The final version of the song will be in the music video (if there is one).   Enjoy, you adorable [more]

New Dark Souls!

Aw hell yeah, we got a new episode out (my personal favorite). We plan on using this style of editing and playing for the rest of the series. It's a little jumpy and abrupt, but it helps the punchlines and topics flow easier - like a podcast but with gameplay in there. Anyways, enjoy [more]

Dark Souls? YouTube Updates!

Dark Souls? YouTube Updates! Howdy, ya'll. FF here, wanting to update you our new plans moving forward! Scott and I are currently playing our way through Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, as a way to get some content on the Crimson Lolita YouTube channel. We plan on releasing episodes every Thursday (hopefully). That being said, every Saturday, we will be posting a new LolitaCast! Or at least that's the plan. We may just totally fuck up and all that, but the plan moving forward is for that to not happen. In any case, we got many plans ahead, always keeping ourselves busy. Hope ya'll enjoy the new [more]

New Music:

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