Crimson What?

Crimson Lolita is a small creative outlet for Zach Lund.


Ok, who is Zach Lund?

I'm just a musician, graphic novelist, and filmmaker based in Chicago, IL. Personally, I don't consider what I do to be extraordinary or really profound, I simply enjoy creating and making things. I'm ambitious and I'm a dreamer, but moreso than that, I'm just me.

I recently graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The focus of my attention during college were comics, music, and film. My main area of focus was comics and I have been creating my own comics and developing my illustrative skill throughout my entire artistic career. The comics I create are usually romantic and comedic in nature and for the most part, I prefer to use traditional mediums like nibs and ink. I also however, don't stray away from using digital mediums when creating artwork - as most of the other areas I work in are strictly digital. (Recommendations: Life as Travel || Rom Com?)

With music, I attempt to fuse electronica with a variety of different genres such as rock, jazz, and pop. I fuckin' love 80's pop and old 70's synthesizers. One goal I have is to bridge the gap between eras of music by combining different iconic tones from different generations of music, though I'm pretty open to just expressing myself with whatever I feel like at the moment. My main goal with music is to just let the other part of my brain flow out, so I try not to focus on what songs should be taken seriously or with a grain of salt. I enjoy like throwing sounds together. (Recommendations: Night Rifles || Ground Zero)

I have been filming and editing my own videos since I was in middle school! My old YouTube channel was Snuzzlescuf, and a lot of my past usernames are under that moniker. In college, I was allowed to experiment with short films, including a handful of works 15-20 minutes in length. I mostly use film to create comedies and satires, though I enjoy turning them around into something deeper and meaningful. (Recommendations: Boku No Ghost || Pretty Woman)

Most recently, I voice acted and mastered my friend, Sara Payne's (tumblr/instagram), animated short film. In my free time, I am currently creating music and practicing singing.

I am not alone in my endeavors, however. At the helm, right there with me, is Dr. Scott Stone (instagram). He is the young red-headed lad alongside me in most of the videos and he usually writes them alongside me. Although the Doc isn't as social media-heavy, he is a creative magician who loves puns. He is almost literally the stone wedged between whatever cracks have formed in my boat and deserves a lot of credit for the creativity that is found in the videos we make.


I appreciate you dropping by the website and taking the time to find out more about me and the minds behind the work on this website. If you'd like to contact me with questions, concerns, and/or hate mail, shoot me an email at: